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The Benefits

Medical patients under the age of 21 MUST obtain a doctor’s recommendation to legally use/purchase marijuana in the state of California.

  • Obtaining a medical marijuana card will save you tons of money throughout the year if you regularly purchase cannabis.
  • Just by being a medical patient in California, you are able to posses as well as purchase 8 oz, which is 7 oz over the recreational limit with a doctor’s recommendation.
  • With a Medical Marijuana card you will have access to all Dispensaries in California. You will even have access to any state that has reciprocity (states that accept out of state Medical Marijuana cards)
  • Medical Patient’s can purchase cannabis with higher potency levels. For example: Recreational Dispensaries sell edibles that can only contain 100MG of THC. Medical Dispensaries can sell products that exceed recreational limits.
  • Having a Doctor’s Recommendation from a licensed CA physician provides the legal security you need.

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